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“I want to know God’s thoughts – the rest are mere details.”
-Albert Einstein

From astronomical studies of our known universe to the intricate design of microcircuits, I’ve always been a student of all the sciences. Since I was I child I was plagued with a thirst—a thirst to France Day 2 210understand the mysteries of how the world works around me.

But among all of the disciplines I have come across, the mystery of life is the greatest puzzle that I have attempted to understand. What is it that makes us different from a rock? To me life is truly a miracle. This fascination is my tether to the field of science. Although mankind has made remarkable advances in attempting to understand and repair the human condition, we are only beginning to unlock the mysteries of life.

Much of the research I have and will conduct in the future is inspired by my tether to biological science. As a true scientist, my ego also invokes a sense of humility in this quest to understand the mystery of life. That being said, I’m never fearful of challenging the preconceptions of my time. After all, where would modern science be if Galileo had never dared to challenge the heliocentric model? My view is that life and its propagation are truly IMG_3936miraculous and we should never seize to discover new ways of understanding it.

All this fascination has led me to here where I’ve embarked on a journey to not just learn, but to create the foundations that will revolutionize the scientific community’s understanding of life. After the conclusion of my Ph.D. program, I plan on applying my knowledge of the biological sciences to the human condition as I pursue an M.D. in medical school.