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I am a web design consultant and a majority of my clients are located near Irvine, Orange, and Fullerton, California. The clients who approach me face the daunting task of responding to a wide variety of challenges to their business and organization growth. Depending on their needs, I innovatively customize an online portal, designed specifically to meet and translate those needs into tangible business solutions.

I operate using a three-tiered plan of action:

  1. Strategy: During the consultation I discuss the demands and strategy for potential project I’d be working on with the client,
  2. Execution: I do this in many ways depending on the client’s needs (multiple beta websites, personalization, branding, interface design, etc.),
  3. Results: Here we see an improved online presence for the organization/business, branded advertisement, and overall awareness in the world wide web.

Below you can view some of my current projects:

  • The Rose, Mueller, & Greer Laboratories (link)
  • The Rose, Mueller, & Greer Laboratories: Undergraduate Portal (link)
  • Christ Cathedral (Formerly St. Callistus Roman Catholic Church) (link)
  • John Q. Tran, D.D.S.: Family Dentistry¬†(In Development) (link)
  • DHP Engineering¬†(In Private Development)
  • DCP Property Holdings, LLC (In Private Development)